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A surgeon has a difficult time letting go of his Ab Booster. Some things in life were not meant to be, maybe it's time to Letgo.

A man goes through quite the workout with his Fitbit Charge HR on his wrist the entire time. He jump ropes, carries a heavy bag up a flight of stairs, does cycling, hops up the stairs to his apartment, drags a tire by a soccer field at night and runs as fast as he can. No matter what workout you're doing, you'll know your heart rate. Know your heart with Fitbit.

Adobe Turns to Humor for First Network TV Ad in Over 10 Years... -


Adobe Marketing Cloud


Agency: Goodby Silverstein and Partners


Timothy is a Guest on Nickelodeon's newest hit show, "Henry Danger" in the role of Mr. Korman. 


Season 1, Episode 12

"Invisible Brad"




a 7ep. web-series, a dark comedy about romance, heartbreak and a animated blob who just wants to get some sweet, sweet snatch.


Written & Directed by Nathan Alan Bunker


Casting by Andrea Rueda




available on  indieflix and

When Ethan's best friends, Coles and Jaylen force him to attend yet another party, what was supposed to be just another "nightout" spirals into a whirlwind of events that will forever change all of their lives.


Starring Timothy Ryan Cole, Gary Cairns,

Luke Albright, David L. Murphy &

Marta Mcgonagle


Written & Directed by Micah Cohen

Available this Summer on indieflix


The story of Sidney Mitchell, a hard nosed war veteran, and Little Dog, a young Mexican boy as they start an unlikely friendship on the outskirts of the southern Californian border.


Written & Directed by Santiago Limon






GEICO's "Hump Day" spot wins #1 commercial of the year & #1 viral share in the world on Wednesdays! With over 20 million views, this camel has everyone asking what day it is!



Starring Timothy Ryan Cole (as Jimmy)

Alex Harvey (as Ronnie)


Agency: The Martin Agency


Sarah discovers she got a bit more than she bargained for, when she decided to "come up for a drink" after a first date. 


Sometimes, you should just call it a night...


Directed by Barbara Stepansky 

Written by Timothy Ryan Cole

Starring Donna Lazar and Timothy Ryan Cole

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