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The 7 Episode, Dark Comedy series, "Sad Motivator" written and directed by Nathan Alan Bunker, starring Timothy Ryan Cole, is rockin' the festival circuit and now nomiated for "BEST INDIE SERIES" at the 2014 STREAMY AWARDS along with "BEST INTERNATIONAL SERIES", "BEST ACTOR" & "BEST EDITING" at the 2014 RAINDANCE FESTIVAL in LONDON. 


The Web Series has also been chosen as an Official Selections at a half dozen (and counting) Film Festivals and continues to gain speed and great reviews along the way. 




Nominated for a 2014 STREAMY AWARD and 3 Awards at the 2014 Raindance Festival in London. 

"jaw-droppingly funny and inappropriate, it may be unlike any series you’ve watched. Timothy Ryan Cole is scarily intense as Kevin... There should be another term coined specifically for this blackest of comedies."  

Susan Siniawksi  

"Even without the jokes, Sad Motivator succeeds as a psychological thriller with the potential to excite horror fans. It’s not for everybody, but love it or hate it, Sad Motivator is entirely original, and that’s a descriptor that is rarely attached to indie romantic comedies."  

- Sam Gutelle

"It's scary, it's unhealthy, it's chilling and yet it is exhilarating."                                          
- Joël Bassaget 

"Quite honestly, I was uncomfortable watching this series."                                                                                                           - Jennifer Laviolette    |

The Hollywood Reporter announces  SAD MOTIVATOR nominated at 4th Annual Streamy Awards.

                                             - Natalie Jarvey 

Ethan is in a major slump; he's unemployed, emotionally isolated and just plain confused. To make matters worse, his friends seem content on doing nothing but chasing girls and skirting responsibility. Welcome to LA, the city of dreams.


When Ethan's best friends Coles and Jaylen, an aspiring actor and club promoter, force him to attend yet another party, what was supposed to be just another "night out" spirals into a whirlwind of events that will forever change all of their lives.


Written & Directed by Micah Cohen

Joins the 2014 Chicago Comedy & Las Vegas Film Festival

The story of Sidney Mitchell, a hard nosed war veteran, and Little Dog, a young Mexican boy as they start an unlikely friendship on the outskirts of the southern Californian border.

Written & Directed by Santiago Limon


David Purdham
Jose Diaz

Timothy Ryan Cole

Martin Morales


Produced By:

Enrique Latapi Silva


Music By:

Pablo Sauti


Cinematography By:

Gareth Paul Xoc


Edited By:

Lilly Urban



GEICO's "Hump Day" spot wins #1 commercial of the year & #1 viral share in the world on Wednesdays! With over 20 million views, this camel has everyone asking what day it is!



Starring Timothy Ryan Cole (as Jimmy)

Alex Harvey (as Ronnie)


Agency: The Martin Agency

© copyright 2015 all rights reserved.


Sarah discovers she got a bit more than she bargained for, when she decided to "come up for a drink" after a first date. 


Sometimes, you should just call it a night...


Directed by Barbara Stepansky 

Written by Timothy Ryan Cole

Starring Donna Lazar and Timothy Ryan Cole

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